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About the VITA REVIT company

Vita Revit is a rejuvenation and organism updating by the most modern means.

Production of the Vita Revit company makes powerful rejuvenating impact, both on all organism, and on separate systems or bodies. The most modern achievements were put in a basis in the field of gerontology. Scientists took part in development of technologies of rejuvenation from Russia, the USA and England. The rejuvenating effect is proved on numerous experiences.

Vita Revit is a ready business for you

Demand for rejuvenating means steadily grows in the market. It isn't surprising, people want to keep the youth. The modern science and production in a noticeable measure give such opportunity. Therefore, business on sale of rejuvenating means — favorable and perspective. The Vita Revit company suggests you to begin the business with the minimum investment of starting means. Everything is already made for you — virtual office, account system, delivery. You need to advertize only a product and to earn on sale.

Vita Revit is a network company with binary marketing plan.

Binary marketing plan differs that the partner of the company gains income from all who subscribed under it, and not just from the several first generations. To supervise the structure and the income on it it is very simple. Therefore, such marketing plan is suitable not only for skilled "network sales manager", but also for any beginner who decided to try to come to success through multilevel marketing. Vita Revit company marketing plan you can examine details on the corresponding Marketing plan page.

All business happens to the Vita Revit company only on the Internet

For work with the company you won't need to act in physical space, everything becomes on the Internet. Registration is made by on-line, production delivery by mail. Has no value how far you live. Thus, the Vita Revit company gives you real chance to untwist the business directly at home.

Authority and Vita Revit company guarantees

The Vita Revit company — is one of projects of the group of companies NNPCTO (National Scientifically Production Center of Rejuvenation of Technologies) founded in 2006. For last years NNPCTO already I confirmed the authority, having got more than 2 million partners and having let out 1500 product names. Constantly the growing demand, indicates high quality and efficiency of production.

As for Vita Revit that, this project started on March 1, 2012. Inventions and development of the Cambridge, Californian and Oxford universities are put in a basis of production, and after all it is the most prestigious and authoritative scientific centers of the world.

Your benefits from cooperation with the Vita Revit company

  1. Being engaged in business you at the same time you restore the health.
  2. You can earn without leaving the house.
  3. The Vita Revit company was formed 2012 i.e. recently, therefore, having subscribed now, you will appear among the first in the market.

How to enter into business?

For a start, it is necessary to be registered in the project (the green button at the left).

In business with the Vita Revit company there are 3 entrances:

The 1st entrance is acquisition of the preparation Metacor 365 which prevents aging at the expense of metabolism correction in cages, protection of DNA, regulation of circadian cycles rhythms.

The 2nd entrance acquisition of the preparation Reconnect 365 which reestablishes the broken communication between fabrics and bodies.

The 3rd entrance acquisition of the preparation Ripk 365 which provides cell regeneration, suppression of growth of abnormal cages. By means of this preparation sick cages will be reprogrammed in the stem.


How to find the maximum effect from VITA-REVIT? Participate in a new action!  Friday, 16 August 2013

We invite to take part in the new stock "Maximum Effect" from the VITA-REVIT company, which already
began from August 16 to September 15, 2013.


Threefold effect of the second generation!  Saturday, 27 July 2013

From August 1 to August 15 there was a unique opportunity to order METAKOP DBH free of charge.
The partners who have participated in an August action received REKONSTRUKT AS A GIFT!


How to carry out business place reactivation in the VITA-REVIT company  Monday, 03 June 2013

How to carry out business place reactivation in the VITA-REVIT company


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